Download ETHMiner 0.19.0 - AMD+Nvidia GPU Miner

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Version: 0.19.0
File: *ETHMiner.exe,
SHA256: e6614c7572887b7426b7149bbd68765bbe3a08ae71ccfd46d13c9d652c14eb5c
(Download for Linux)

ETHMiner The new ETHMiner stable version is ready.

You can download ETHMiner 0.19.0 from here:

Download Now

Download (mirror)

Inside the archive you will find a file README.txt with installation instructions.

Make sure to replace the pool and wallet address by what you’re using in all files.

mining rig


  • Fixed [#1843]: Issue with using latest Nvidia drivers on Windows resolved.


  • Display interval correction #1606
  • Eliminated duplicate solutions with stratum2 on difficulty changes.
  • Restored proper behavior of -P argument to identify workernames and emails


  • Basic API authentication to protect exposure of API port to the internet #1228.
  • Add ispaused information into response of miner_getstathr API query #1232.
  • API responses return “ethminer-“ as version prefix. #1300.
  • Stratum mode autodetection. No need to specify stratum+tcp or stratum1+tcp or stratum2+tcp
  • Connection failed due to login errors (wrong address or worker) are marked Unrecoverable and no longer used
  • Replaced OpenCL kernel with opensource jawawawa OpenCL kernel
  • Added support for jawawawa AMD binary kernels
  • AMD auto kernel selection. Try bin first, if not fall back to OpenCL.
  • API: New method miner_setverbosity. #1382.
  • Implemented fast job switch algorithm on AMD reducing switch time to 1-2 milliseconds.
  • Added localization support for output number formatting.
  • Changed the --verbosity option to allow individual enable/disable of logging features.
  • Improved hash rate measurement accuracy.