ETHMiner 0.19.0 - NVIDIA+AMD GPU Miner

GPU Miner for Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Nicehash-Ethash coins.

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It’s so easy to make your PC work for you! Start mining today and earn money with your graphics card!

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Fast and Stable

You will get the best speed on mining pool. Your crypto earnings will get higher with ETHMiner and this is really stable.

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Superb Performance

ETHMiner's extensive research on AMD & Nvidia GPUs is unrivaled in the miner world. ETHMiner has many features not available in any other miner.

Easy & quick miner configuration

Edit mining configs for one or more workers in two simple steps:

  1. Select worker(s) on which you want to update client's configs.
  2. Select which settings you want to change, enter the changes and save them.
The Batch file will allow you to change coins and update individual config. The CMD window reveals all important information for your mining activity.
Here are some interesting facts in numbers:

daily active workers

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daily active ETHMiner users


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cryptocurrencies paid out

Algorithm Coin Compute Capability Memory (Windows 7 & Linux) Memory (Windows 10 x64)
ethash ETHEREUM, ETHEREUM_CLASSIC 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0,8.6 5GB 6GB

- \* Compute Capability reference link: wikipedia

How To Use ETHMiner

This video shows how to use ETHMiner.

  1. 1
    Download the miner
    • Download ETHMiner by clicking the Download button.
    • To run mining on multiple computers, download and install the ETHMiner application on all computers that will be used for mining.
    • Unzip downloaded package and open the .bat file in the text editor
    • In the folder that contains the miner, you should create or edit a file with .bat extension. You can do this in any text editor (for example, Notepad or Notepad++). When you save the file, it’s important to choose ‘All Files’ as a file type, not ‘txt’. Otherwise, you’ll have .bat.txt at the end of the file name, and miner won’t be able to open this file. Your bat file (let’s say it’s called Ehereum-binance_pool.bat) should contain the following text (Step 2):

    Attention! For security reasons, Windows may stop you from opening the bat file. In this case, you should permit it to open in the pop-up window.

  2. 2
    Enter the following command:
    setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0
    setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100
    ethminer.exe -P stratum1+tcp://username1[email protected]:8888
  3. 3
    Configure the miner with your settings
    WALLET_ADDRESS - enter YOUR Ethereum wallet address or pool USERNAME (this is how ETHMiner knows where to deposit your ETH). WORKER_NAME – you can choose any name (like test), but don’t exaggerate: it should be 32 symbols max, contain only letters and numbers (no special characters like $%»*;@). Do not forget to specify your wallet address in all files!
  4. 4
    Start mining
    Double click your Bat file to start the miner. The miner will start, run the setx commands to set those environment variables, initialize each of your GPU’s, build the DAG file on each of your GPU’s and start hashing away. If you’ve followed the steps above you should see this screen.

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Latest version is 0.19.0
File: *ETHMiner.exe,
SHA256: e6614c7572887b7426b7149bbd68765bbe3a08ae71ccfd46d13c9d652c14eb5c

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Ethereum Mining - How to create your Ethminer Batch File & Config Setup

Run the one of the .bat files not the ethminer.exe. The batch files are used to start the ethminer with added configuration options.


When mining with 4 AMDs, should the batch be like --opencl-device 0 1 2 3, or --opencl-device 3?

You can remove that switch and it will mine on all cards by default. I think the correct usage for multiple cards is --opencl-devices 0123 Please check the readme it's been a while! --opencl-device 1 would be to use only device 1.

ETHMiner 0.18.0 setup

If any of you have encountered problems starting the "start.bat" folder. Make sure when you create it and edit it, select "save as" and save it as "all files".

Updated Genoil Ethminer - Improved display & failover

I am using INNO 3D RTX 3060 Ti (Hynix Memory). My settings are:

Core Clock (-502)
Memory Clock (+700)
Power Limit (68%)
I am getting 40 Mh/s
And power usage is 132 Watts
and I set my fan speed to 70% and temperature is 64°C

The ULTIMATE GUIDE For Mining Cryptocurrency With Your PC

It is mainly undervolting, but you will most of the time overclock your memory as well. So it's a mix of both. Usually I refer to it in general as overclocking since many people are unfamiliar with the term undervolting
Use templates (.bat files examples) to apply a predefined configuration to one or many miners in a single operation.

If you would like to donate Hashing power - 5ea13d0F5B38292cF306b4C76b7aAD7ea1323C10