ETHMiner - command line arguments and options

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CMD options:

`ethminer.exe -P stratum1+tcp://[email protected]:8888`

minimal usage : ethminer [DEVICES_TYPE] [OPTIONS] -P… [-P…]

Devices type options

By default ethminer will try to use all devices types it can detect. Optionally you can limit this behavior setting either of the following options:

    -G,--opencl         Mine/Benchmark using OpenCL only
    -U,--cuda           Mine/Benchmark using CUDA only

Connection options

-P,--pool           Stratum pool or http (getWork) connection as URL
					For an explication and some samples about
					how to fill in this value please use
					ethminer --help-ext con

Common Options

-h,--help           Displays this help text and exits
-H,--help-ext       TEXT {'con','test',cl,cu,api,'misc','env'}
					Display help text about one of these contexts:
					'con'  Connections and their definitions
					'test' Benchmark/Simulation options
					'cl'   Extended OpenCL options
					'cu'   Extended CUDA options
					'api'  API and Http monitoring interface
					'misc' Other miscellaneous options
					'env'  Using environment variables
-V,--version        Show program version and exits